Welcome to the website of the GlobTrade company!

The Globtrade company was founded in June 2007 and specializes in  import, export and wholesale trade of wares in the  field of outdoor equipment (designed for games, sports, recreational activities and all kinds of outdoor activities).
The company is one of the leaders in the area of outdoor equipment, collectibles and hobby items, as well as optical instruments for amateur astronomical observations. The company also offers  playgrounds equipment and equipment for sport facilities. Globtrade  has a number of important and recognizable brands in its portfolio. Apart from the purely trading activities, the company also develops its own brands.
At present, our offer includes more than 9 000 products, acquired in terms of lasting trade contracts with suppliers from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Pakistan, Taiwan and other Asian countries.
The company also increases its import of products made by manufacturers from Europe and USA.
It is worth stressing out that the company no longer needs to use the services of middlemen such as agents and brokers, which, combined with several other factors, allows it to purchase wares on very affordable terms. This is just one of the competitive advantages allowing Globtrade to win customers and business partners all over Europe.

“Highest standards of service, starting from contract signing, as well as in terms of the widely understood after-sales service. This allows for building a trustworthy and long-term connection with partners, which translates into minimization of a transaction’s risk and costs.”


“A wide offer of products, always perfectly matching the current demands of the market. Specialists working on the development of our  offer choose the products carefully, picking only those guaranteeing fast marketability and maximization of economic efficiency. This allows to unleash the growth potential of the company and its contractors.”


“Employment of talented staff. A small, close-knit team of professionals who fully understand the industry, brings into the company an added value which is difficult to overestimate. It is through competent, talented and motivated employees that Globtrade builds a flexible structure, capable to adapt of adapting to a rapidly changing environment.”