Business partners of GlobTrade


A wide range of  Globtrade’s business activities has allowed us to establish a strong and stable business relationships with partners around the world.
For many years has the company cooperated with suppliers from Asian countries (mostly China, Hongkong, Japan, Pakistan and Taiwan).

On  the European market we have a number of business partners in countries such as Germany, France, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland and France. We regularly meet  them during trade fairs and  numerous trips. Globtrade company is oriented not only globally, but also  locally. At the moment we have more than 200 business partners in Poland, with the number of partners in Europe exceeding 700.

Our offer allows us to work with partners operating in various areas of activity, ranging from public institutions (such as schools, kindergartens and universities), Cash & Carry wholesalers, supermarkets and specialist wholesalers. Among our customers there are also companies involved in the organization of free time and leisure activities.
We have also signed contracts with logistics and transport companies to make sure the goods we offer are always delivered on time.